2nd Day of Combat Self Defense Course

I am exhausted and everything hurts, so forgive me for typos and misspellings.

Day-2 surpassed expectation in action, pace, techniques and I am that much more in love and awe of the prowess of our instructor. Only a person who truly understands a subject can make it easy to understand for a novice. Those who understand less but would like to present themselves as an expert, usually presents things as difficult to maintain the illusion of his/her excellence in the subject. I have seen this before, in and out of the work place and I saw it again during this course. But I am not going to go into the professional experience of it all, because this post is about this course, not my work or work related experiences 🙂

I made notes throughout the class and wrote down some of the quotes, forgive me if I am not being coherent as I write them out here now.

Knowing & believing are two different things. To know is to be informed. To do is to belief. Everything is possible, if we try enough.

This was the pep talk we got to encourage us to keep practicing what we are learning, specially the 12 daily exercises that we have been taught yesterday. Butthan believes that in order to have a complete, better life, one needs to have a sound mind and a sound body. Scientific studies show that exercise boosts production of neurotrophy, developing neurons faster, increasing neuroplasticity. Adrenaline rush improves body’s physical capability. Develop a belief system about anything and you are far more likely to stick to it consistently.

Just like yesterday, we were reminded of the Legal factors in Self Defense. Summed up in 3 alphabets – NAP.

N for Necessity – is it really necessary to engage physically?

A for Appropriate – what would be the appropriate amount of force to use?

P for Proportionate – is my reaction going to be in proportion to the action that invokes it?

After the morning round of warm-up exercise and these initial pointers, the teacher placed on one side of the room to practice RIOT rush., to understand what happens when the body is pumped with adrenaline. We each took our turns, standing in a corner of the room, while 4 of our mates rushed us with practice pads. The victims aim is to break out of the mob and achieve a certain amount of distance, the mob’s goal is to use the practice pad to corner and hold this person in one place. Well, I didn’t know that this was what we were going to do, so unfortunately, I was the first person to volunteer for this exercise. And let me tell you…. the adrenaline rushed all right. It had me shaking, kicking, fighting to find my way out. Before you think that I was incredibly brave, let me admit that when it was over, I was shaking all over 😀

Next up was IWS – instant weapon system – the use of whatever is available at hand as a weapon. This can be anything, the pen in your hand, keys, umbrella, walking stick, handbag, briefcase, pepper spray or body spray. The idea is to inflict as much pain as possible, if you are cornered, to stop your attacker long enough for you to be able to run away.

Now on to today’s techniques (I didn’t write everything down cause I was busy being the goat that got practiced on first).

Front grab/bear hug – if someone grabs you from the front with both hands around you. If you can move your hands, poke the assailant in the eye. If you can’t, step down hard on their feet (instep jab), head butt on the nose or temple, kick them in the groin or the shin. Pick whatever is fastest and most easily doable.

Grabbing your hand with one hand – this happens a lot. People come up and they grab your hand and you can’t run away. Well guess what? It’s actually easy to get out of that grip if you just go against the thumb. Don’t fight all 4 fingers, see which way the thumb is, then go against that. We tried this on each other and we got out every single time.

Grabbing your hand with both hands – ok, so you can’t go against the thumb here, that won’t work. But you can quickly poke the assailant in the eyes or give them a knee to groin kick or just kick their shin if you are wearing sturdy shoes. Any one of this is guaranteed to free you. Why? Cause I asked the Grand Master to poke my eyes and it’s impossible to hold on to someone when that person is poking your eye.

Bear hug / Grab from the back – same principles apply, distract, incapacitate and run away. So you can bring your feet down hard on their sole, hammer strike them on the groin, or hit the person with your elbows on the throat or solar plexus.

Front collar grab – someone’s got you by the collar? get a finger grip around the palm, swivel to opposite side, at the same time, hit the underarm with an open palm strike (this will turn the perpetrator around with their back facing you), lock the arm in place on the back, kick in the back of the knee and pull the head back by the hair. Let me tell you, this all can happen in less than 3 seconds (yup, I was the bakra who volunteered again).

Hair grip if someone grips you by your hair, catch hold of the hand and force it closer to your head, so that the perpetrator can’t move, then pull him/her towards you, kick them in the groin/solar plexus or hit them with an open palm on the nose or do a shin kick. The idea is to cause sudden extreme pain so that your hair is released as a reflex action. Again, not hard to do, I did it on others today.

In a knife attack – try to get hold of the knife hand as fast as possible. If disarming is not possible, then bring the knife hand closer to your body. In this case play by the old adage “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer’. The assailant will need a certain amount of space to stab you, don’t give that opportunity/scope. Hold on to that knife hand as hard as possible, keep it as close to your skin (parallel please) and try to hit back in any of the 10 deadly points that I wrote about yesterday.

The most powerful strikes by an untrained person are the knee kicks and open palm strikes. Hit fast. Keep it simple. At the first opportunity to exit the violence, do so. There is no shame in running away and certainly no point in fighting to prove something to the assailant. Live to fight another day.




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